Our Approach

Content Marketing is the backbone of SEO Success. Valuable, relevant, and consistent content attracts and retains your audience, converting it into customers.

However, Google has fundamentally changed the SEO game. While it is still important to choose the right keywords and publish high quality content, it is no longer enough. Google now wants you to be an authority on your topic.

The best and most reliable method to do that is to structure your content using the topic clusters approach.

First, we will explore together the main topics that are related to your business Then, we create a data-driven content strategy that supports your company’s goals.

Content Services

Content Roadmap

We analyze your competitors and Google’s search engine results pages (SERP) to identify areas of opportunity. Driven by data gathered in the Exploration phase, we define the main topic clusters, including the pillar and subpages (cluster) topics. We also identify the primary keywords for each page.

Content Briefs

Each approved pillar and cluster in the Content Roadmap will have a comprehensive brief attached. 

The structure of the briefs is based on the supporting keywords identified in the planning stage. The brief features essential SEO-friendly elements (SEO Title, Meta Description, Headings, Subheadings), as well as FAQ structured data.

Content Production

We connect you with the best content writing services to turn our briefs into actual blog posts, guides, and other pieces of content. Alternatively, we can manage the content writing process and deliver the final draft for your approval.

Performance Report

We help you set up a comprehensive report analysing any existing and future content performance, as well as overall organic traffic. Depending on your needs and capacity, you will receive a monthly update or learn how to measure success using internal resources.